“They’re baaaaacckkkkk”

*blows off my keyboard; begins to cough*

Whoa there’s a lot more dust on here than I thought. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t update your blog for 8 months; I’m honestly embarrassed to admit that. However, there are reasons why I haven’t been updating. This past term I was studying abroad in England! Super fun right?

I know what you’re thinking though: “What about this summer, Kaitlyn? You weren’t in England for 8 months, were you?” Well no, I wasn’t. But when I decided to study abroad, I had approximately $500 in my bank account, so this summer I was working my butt off trying to make enough money so I wouldn’t starve in a foreign country.   My life basically consisted of working, spending what time I could with my friends, and sleeping. But it was totally worth it.

I didn’t blog during my trip for a couple reasons: one, I was busy just enjoying being where I was and two, it began to feel like a chore. I had a lot on my plate and blogging began to feel like something I had to do and it wasn’t fun anymore.

Part of that is because I can be quite the perfectionist; I’d spend hours–sometimes days–on a post and felt like it just wasn’t worth everything I was putting into it. Now that I’ve had a over half a year not blogging, I realize that I really do miss it, and if I start treating it as a fun, stress-relieving, activity again, that’s what it will become.

So basically this is a post to say that I’m back! I’m going to be blogging again, just differently. I had such an amazing time abroad and got into some really awesome new music that I can’t wait to share with you. 🙂


One thought on ““They’re baaaaacckkkkk”

  1. Great to see you’ve reemerged in the blogosphere. I like your witty writing and the pictures make us feel like we’re in England with you! Thanks for the positive feedback on my blog and I hope to see posts from you in the future!

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