Salutations internet people! I decided to stick with the Family Records theme I’ve got going here and bring you the gift of music from the band, Wakey!Wakey!. If you saw my last post, this band might sound familiar; they did that awesome cover of Gnarl Barkley’s “Crazy.” Seriously though, if you haven’t heard their cover of it, stop everything and go listen to it now! I’ll wait for you

You back? Good, you made it back for story time!

Like most of my recent music experiences, it all stems back to Pearl and the Beard (seriously guess, I’m obsessed). I was searching though Tumblr PatB tags when I came across a post by the lovely rougeandlace, aka Erin. She was talking about Emily Hope Price’s 365 day project and me, being the fangirl I am, messaged her telling her how much I loved the post. She asked me if I liked any other bands under Family Records Label and I sheepishly replied that I had only listened to one other band. The conversation went on from there and ended with her offering to send me a copy of W!W!’s out of print, unopened CD,  Silent as a Movie.

A few weeks later, I received the the CD, W!W! stickers, and a cute hand written note in the mail. Erin is the sweetest 🙂

Since then I have been exploring the W!W! discography on my own and thoroughly enjoying it. If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t sure if I liked the music at first, but the more I listened to the songs and heard Mike Grubbs, W!W!’s frontman, slam on those piano keys, the more I fell in love.

Much of Grubb’s musical intrests stem back to his childhood: “…his mother—a longtime piano teacher and choir director—would ask the kids to sight read songs before they could even think of eating cereal. And homework, why, that was something you did simply to score more bench time.”

His natural talent and curiosity took him many places even before W!W! was formed. I don’t usually (read: ever) do this, but the “about” section on their website is written so nicely that I’m going to quote a chunk of it. Why try to reinvent the wheel when it’s already rolling along?

“One of my main influences now is the fact that I didn’t have someone teach me proper jazz or rock playing,” explains Grubbs. “I had no idea how to put a song together; no one telling me, ‘Hey, you should check out Gershwin,’ but it was all so fascinating to me. So I found my own style by experimenting with what works and what doesn’t.”

Before Grubbs could tap his true voice through a string of buzz-stirring Wakey!Wakey! releases on Family Records (two live LPs, a free collection of covers and last spring’s War Sweater EP), the following dues were paid: a totally ‘90s bar gig aimed at pint-slamming college kids; a rock band best described by its beard quotient and Black Crowes nods (Satellite Kid); and two touring musicals (Brigadoon, Camelot). “I’m a tall, skinny straight guy who can sing,” says Grubbs. “That’s basically gold in the musical theater business because there’s none of us.”

Somewhere a long the way, Grubb’s quit the show biz and W!W! was formed. Before I received the CD from Erin, I did a little exploring myself.

The song I first fell in love with was “Honey Covered Hands.”

Just listen to that piano! *happy sigh* Absolutely beautiful.

Another song of theirs that I like is “Almost Anything” off of their first, and currently only, full length album, Almost Everything I  Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You.

It was featured on the television show, One Tree Hill, along with a couple other tracks on their album. I’m not a big fan of the show, but I will say that the producers do have great taste in music.

The last song I’m going to leave you with is also on their full length album. I love this song for many reasons, most of which you will hear within the first 30 seconds. The lyrics are fantastic and there’s whistling. Who doesn’t love a song with whistling?!

While writing this post I actually discovered that the band is going on tour this month! And they are even coming to Chicago. (cue applause and excitement)

But, unfortunately for me, and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, I won’t be able to go because it’s a school night… (cue sad sighs and ‘awww’ing)

You’d think being in college that wouldn’t be a problem, but I find myself saying it quite often lately. With three classes and work the next day, I would be foolish to even try. BUT since I can’t make it, you should go for me and tell me how it was! Then I will feel included and happy that one of us had a good time.

If you are not in/around the Chicago area, do not fret! They are obviously touring other places as well. Click here for a list of those dates.

If you liked what you heard, here are some online places you can check the band and their music:

Their website 

Music page 



Grubb’s Tumblr

And as always, I have a link to some free music for you:

So lucky for you (and me), W!W! is awesome and has one of their live LP’s (which includes their “Crazy” cover) for free! You can get it  on Family Records website by clicking here

Well “Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-… That’s all, folks.” Let me know what you think of today’s band in the comments! If you are a W!W! vet, tell me what your favorite songs are in the comments as well. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I do and I will “see” you next Tuesday.


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