Cover to Cover

Once upon a time, there was a little blogger who had a ton of homework  and no time to do a writeup. So the little blogger decided that instead of doing her normal post, she would do something new and exciting! She would tell her lovely readers about her favorite covers and try to give them as much free music as possible. She wrote with renewed fervor and got to bed at a decent time. All was well in Blogsville and the little blogger didn’t cry when she had to wake up for her class in the morning. THE END! 

*sniff sniff* That story gets me every time.

So as you can probably tell, I am tired and going delusional now that classes and both my jobs have started back up. I’m going to try my hardest to keep to my posting schedule, but these last couple days have been crazy! So if I get behind, please forgive me in advance.

As I said before, today I thought I’d share some of my favorite covers with you. I actually really love covers; a good portion of my music collection is made up of covers and sometimes I enjoy them more than the original song. On a side note, I am not a big fan of remixes. Something about taking a song, stripping it down, and just completely changing it doesn’t sit right with me. For instance, it really bugs me when someone takes a slow song and turns it techno </rant>

…anyways here are the covers that I’m in love with at the moment:

1. Re: Stacks originally by: Bon Iver; covered by Pearl and the Beard 

Download here (right click and “Save As”)

My love for them knows no bounds. If you are not familiar with Pearl and the Beard, check out my previous post

2. Ghosting originally by: Freelance Whales; covered by Lucius 

As a lover of both Freelance Whales and Lucius, this song makes my heart happy. They don’t have it set for free download anymore…but maybe if you ask them really nicely, they might be willing to give it to you? No promises.

3. Flowers in Your Hair originally by: The Lumineers; covered by Poppy 

I found this cover while I was just surfing around on Soundcloud. I will say that when I heard it the first time, I almost turned it off. I decided to stick through it though and it has actually become my favorite version of this song. Just give it a try, trust me!

4. Call Your Girlfriend originally by: Robyn; covered by Javier Dunn

Download here (right click and “Save As”)

I love love love this cover! The day I got it, I listened to it 15 times in a row. So much better to the original, in my opinion (sorry for all you Robyn lovers out there). And yes, I realize that he took a techno song and made it slow, but it just works so well. I know, know, I’m a hypocrite.

5. Lionheart  originally by: Of Monster and Men; covered by Jessie Askey

Another lovely piece I found whilst surfing around Soundcloud. There are so many undiscovered beauties on there.

6. Crazy originally by: Gnarls Barkley; covered by Wakey!Wakey!

7. The Scientists originally by Coldplay; covered by Julia and the Doogans 

So that’s what I got for you. Which covers did you love/dislike? What are some of your favorite covers? Are you morally opposed to me doing more posts like this? Do you think I should go to sleep now? (YES!) Leave your thoughts down in the comments.

Quickly before I go, I just wanted to thank Andi on Twitter for being such a sweetheart and messaging me about this blog. It definitely made my day a bit brighter!

Okay so what did we learn, class? That Ms. Kaitlyn should never blog late at night. 


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