Pearl and the Beard

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, readers new and old, gather around! I’m here to tell you about something that will rock your world!

I decided to start the New Year right and stop holding back. I have been showing you my face, but now I’m going to spill out my guts and show you where my heart and soul lies. I’m going to show you something very special to me. I’m going to introduce you to my favorite band. And before you say it, I know I tend to say the word “favorite” a lot on this blog, but this is legitimately, hands down my FAVORITE band. Not only are they amazing musicians but they are phenomenal people. Today I introduce to you the wonderful and equally as stunning band, Pearl and the Beard.

As stated on their website, “Pearl and the Beard is three voices, one cello, one glockenspiel, one melodica, several drums, one accordion, ninety-six teeth, and one soul.” They are a New York based band that came together with help from the music gods. Members Jeremy Styles (acoustic guitarist, vocalist) and Jocelyn Mackenzie (percussionist, kazzo-ist, vocalist) met at an open mic in 2008 and begin writing songs together. A few months later the two stumbled upon the gorgeous and talented Emily Hope Price (cellist, vocalist) at another open mic and she joined the group. They released their first EP, “At Home With Pearl and the Beard” later that year. In 2009 they produced their first full-length album entitled, God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson.  The first track on the record, Voice In My Throat, shows off the groups beautiful blended sound and crisp vocals.

Whenever I tell people about this band, which is frequently, I always get asked what genre they’re under…how about the genre of awesome?! In all seriousness, their music doesn’t fall under any conventional titles; they are their own creation, which is part of the reason I love them so much. Unlike many other bands, they do not have a frontman or “lead singer”; instead each contributes equally to the vocals and instrumentation for their songs.

In 2011, the bands sophomore album, Killing the Darlings, was released, further proving that their unique style and mind-blowing harmonies were not a fluke. The song “40K”, one of my absolute favorites, made its debut on this record. It was re-released last year as a single and the band took part in shooting a music video for it. Because of their love for The Walking Dead, they decided to make it zombie themed.

Video produced, directed, and edited by Jessi Southern

The other thing you have to know about this band is that they are extraordinary live.

As a music lover and frequent concertgoer, I loose interest in a band if they are unable to sing/play well live because I feel like I’ve been cheated by computers and cheap tricks. I  have never left a Pearl and the Beard show disappointed and I’ve been to three. The first time I saw them with Ingrid Michaelson, I didn’t even know who they were before they started their set. After the very first song they played, I was sold! They have this great ability of playing songs about deep subjects in a “light” way. They are fun and eccentric on stage and occasionally come off stage into the audience to play which is always a treat.

Reverend, from their album Killing the Darlings; Filmed by Subway Sessions at the 57th St F in NY

Sweetness, from their album Killing the Darlings; Filmed by Sleepover Shows

Apple (song by Emily Hope Price of Pearl and the Beard and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper); Filmed at 2.16.2012 at The Music Hall of Williamsburg at the Prodigal Daughter extended release show

On a more personal note, this is not just good music, but one of the things that help me get by. I’m am not always the happiest person. Sometimes I get in a cycle of depression and I struggle to find my way out (I said gut level honest remember?). Something that helps me out of the proverbial black hole is this band right here. That’s why I am so passionate about them. They truly are amazing, talented, humble individuals. They treat you as a friend not just some fan, which cannot be said of many bands nowadays. Listening to a Pearl and the Beard album is like a having a wonderfully crafted mixtape; each song is distinctly different yet flows so well with the collection.They are the kind of band you can sing along to, forget your problems for a while, and just let loose. Their music is a constant in presence in my life. When I’m back home my mom and I have their CDs playing constantly and belt out songs whenever we drive. Oh yes, I’ve converted my mother as well 😉 haha

If you want a chance to talk with these lovely people, you can follow them on one (or all) of the social media sites they frequent:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Also if you want to know more about them or just want to see their awesome 3 person sweater made by Mrs. Jocelyn Mackenzie herself, check out their website HERE.

You can buy their music through iTunes or through their label, Family Records, website:

As always, with a new recommendation from me comes FREE MUSIC!

The band went on Ear Candy Podcast and recorded one of their yet to be released songs, Devil’s Head Down. I became addicted to it after I heard it at one of their live shows; I was bummed to learn that they hadn’t released it yet. I stumbled upon this recording of it one day and was so happy I no longer had to keep hitting the replay button on youtube every 3 minutes to hear it again. 

Here are links to both the sessions they’ve done with The Wild Honey Pie (check out my previous post about TWHP if you’re unfamiliar with them). There are videos and free downloads of the songs they preformed:

PatB in Union Square 

PatB Christmas Session 2012

I hope you enjoyed this band, like any sane person would, and are now on your way to look up more songs by them! This is definitely not the last time you will here about them on this blog. They tour frequently and the moment they announce a new tour, I’ll tell you so you can go experience the wonder that is Pearl and the Beard live.

**I know this post has been a bit longer than my usual ones and to reward you for still reading, I will buy the first person that comment on this post a PatB album of their choosing off of iTunes. Just leave your email in a comment and I will contact you about the song. Thank you so much for taking part of my obsession! 


6 thoughts on “Pearl and the Beard

  1. This is quite a post this time KK. The one thing I like is that after the Youtube video, there’s more PATB stuff! I can vouch for singing in the car, my husband is so happy she has her CDs back with her…I’m not. But I keep songs in my head and I can always hook it up on the computer! Way to be honest and real. I’m a little behind on responding to your blogposts as I read part of them in my email (yay) but sometimes I forget to go back to them (old person disease).

    I LOVE the one in the subway but of course my fav is Black Hole of Calcutta. Where is your bird tattoo… (see I can remember some words, lol).

  2. Well said. It took one song at my first show and I was HOOKED. And you are so right. Joce, Emily, and Jeremy are actually wonderful people and have treated me as a friend…as well as a fan.

  3. This is a great post. I discovered Pearl and the Beard for the first time a little over a year ago and I saw them early last year when they came through Colorado. It was the best concert I saw all year and I saw a lot of concerts. They are a band well worth attention and I always try to convert my friends to Pearl and the Beard. It can be tough because, as you stated, they don’t really fit a simple genre label but I do what I can. I’ve at least managed to convert my girlfriend so that’s a start.

    Thanks for including the Devils Head Down link, it’s my favorite song by them and I am glad I can have it now instead of waiting for their next album!

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